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Youth Development League (YDL),

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Forth Valley League (FVL)


7th August 2022


The final Forth Valley league match of the season took place at Livingston at the beginning of August and saw the u11-15 athletes from the club look to consolidate their position in the first division. Thy produced some excellent displays along the way.

The 100m races were generally very successful with Sean Asamoah winning his U11 A string with a PB of 14.1secs. There were also PBs for Alistair Rimmer and Luke Hamilton both of whom finished 4th in their U13 strings whilst Poppy Buchanan led the way for the girls winning her U11 B string in a PB of 15.6secs however there were also PBs for Freya Kiernan and Paige Wilson in their 100m races. Lewis Young continued his fine vein of form in his U11 string where he finished 4th in his B string in a PB of 16.3secs.

The 200m followed a similar pattern with Sean Asamoah finishing 2nd in his A string with another PB of 29.7secs.Alistar Rimmer and Luke Hamilton also set PBs of 32.2secs and 29.8secs respectively in their U13 strings. A further host of PBs in the 200m followed for the U11s of Kelseigh Wilson, Finlay Gibson -who finished a very creditable 2nd in his B string in 32.8secs- and U13 Molly Robinson who added another PB to the growing list with a 32.7secs for her 200m.

The 300m sprints saw fewer entrants however Amy Jenkinson finished 2nd in the U15 A string just outside her PB whilst Milly MacKenzie was 4th in the B string with a 48.9secs PB.

The middle distance events continued to see the DTFC athletes do well. Jaden Mackay was excellent finishing 4th in his 800m U11 A string with a SB of 2.58 mins. Eva Robinson was also on the PB trail with  3.01mins run for the U11 girls and for the U13s Briony Argo continued her run of good form finishing 6th in her A string with a 2.54mins PB. There was unchartered ground for a couple of the U11 athletes with Kelseigh Wilson and Poppy Buchanan both competing in the 800m U11 girls and both put in excellent times of 3.23mins and 3.16mins respectively.

The field events were littered with good performances but missing out on a large amount of PBs. Luke Hamilton completed their PB treble with Javelin PBs with Briony Argo also throwing a 4.99m PB. The long jump saw PBs for Milly MacKenzie and Amy Jenkinson for the U15s with leaps of 3.49m and 4.13m respectively. The younger athletes were seeing success in the high jump with PBs for Kelseigh Wilson and Jaden Mackay.

The Club finished 3rd out of the 8 teams in this particular match and 5th in the season overall. A very creditable and successful season for our younger athletes.


3rd July 2022,

Scotstoun Stadium, Glasgow

The final Central and South Scotland saw the Dunfermline Track and Field athletes head along the M8 to Glasgow. The club were already marooned at the foot of the table after a tough season not helped by a lack of available athletes and many miles to travel.

The U11s had moderate success although many PBs were to be invalid due to the windy conditions with Evanne Carson 1st in her 80m sprint B string in 13.01secs . Jaden Mackay for the boys was best placed with a 3rd spot the 80m B string in a wind assisted PB of 12.75secs. He also did well in the long jump where he finished 4th in the A string with a 3.22m leap. Kelseigh Wilson netted two 5th place finishes in the A strings with a 13.25secs 80m and a 2.99m long jump. Her sister Paige produced an excellent PB of 2.81m in her long jump to finish 4th in the B string.

The outstanding performance in the U13s was by Briony Argo who was 1st in her 800m B string in 2.57mins and to top off a super day for her she produced a 3.29m PB in her long jump where she finished 4th in the B string. Other notable performances were a 14.26secs 100m for Lottie Thomas to finish 4th in the A string , a 3.90m shot putt for Lily Pritchard and Caitlin Chalmers finishing a very creditable 6th in the 800m A string in 3.05mins.

The U15 athletes were on decent form as well with Sophie Thomas first in her 100m A string in a PB of 12.19secs. She added a 4th spot in the long jump A string with 4.12m whilst Milly MacKenzie also was on PB form in the 100m B string with 14.01secs to finish 3rd. Milly indeed added PBs in the long jump of 3.49m and shot putt of 4.68m finishing 5th in the B strings of both. Caleb Munro was the only boy in the U15s and he got two 5th placed finishes in the High and long jump.

The U17s were scarce in numbers as well. Shayna Asamoah was 1st in the 100m in 12.75secs and also won the 300m A string in 42.30secs. Darcie Black made it a DTFC 1-2 in the 100m when she won the B string in 12.91secs.Darcie added a High Jump 2nd spot in the A string and a 2nd spot in the shot put with a 10.07m throw. Kirstin Penman was 2nd in the B string 300m , 1st in the high Jump B string and 2nd in the shot put B string with a 7.70m throw.

That was the climax of the CSSAL season which overall could be classed as disappointing for the club however valuable experience was gained particuarly for the younger athletes which hopefully will stand the club in a better position next season.


26th June 2022,

The final Youth Development League match of the season saw the DTFC team travel to Grangemouth in a quest to secure a solid finish to the season.

It was the U13s who led the way with Luke Hamilton having a particularly successful day. Luke was 1st in his 150m A string in a22.24secs Pb and 2nd in his 75m A string in 11.48secs. Add this to a 1st place in the long jump B string and Luke it could be said had a very fruitful day. Alistair Rimmer was also flying the flag for the U13 boys with a 1st spot in the A 150m with a 23.3secs PB and 1st spots in the B strings of the shot Putt and Javelin with a 11.86m PB for the latter. There was a PB for Christopher Doig in the long jump of 3.32m and a SB of 12.59secs for Lochlan Walker where he was 3rd in the 75m B string. Charlie Hunter was in his usual fine form with 1st spots in the A string of both the long jump, with a 4.51m PB  and javelin with a throw of 28.22m just outside his PB.

The U13 girls were led by the excellent Lottie Thomas who despite no PBs took three 2nd spots in the A string 70m hurdles , 75m sprint and B string long jump. Her hurdles time of 13.5secs was just outside her SB. Murron Kane was also in fine form with a PB of 22.8secs whilst finishing 3rd in the 150m A string and also a PB of 15.2secs for her 70m hurdles. Sophie Jenkinson trumped them all with three PBs in her events. Her 4th spot in the 150m B string of 23.9secs was followed by a 1.15m high jump PB and finally a 4.27m PB in her shot putt to finish the day. Other mentions in the U13 girls to Poppy Warner with a 2.44mins 800m PB and Lucy Gibb with a 1200m PB of 4.48mins finishing 6th in the A string whilst she added a javelin PB of 8.68m. Caitlin Chalmers was also netting a PB this time in the 1200m where she finished 3rd in the B in 4.51mins. Ana Stobie can feel satisfied with her 12.77secs SB whist finishing 4th in the 75m B string.

The U15 girls were also totting up the club points. Sophie Thomas was 1st in her 200m A string finishing in 27.09secs and 2nd in the 300m A string in 44.33secs. Sarah Kane threw an excellent PB of 15.48m in the A string javelin to finish 3rd and although she didn’t register any PBs Rachel Barnett finished a creditable 2nd in the 70m hurdles A string in 16.1secs.

A solid but unspectacular match and season for the DTFC athletes. A solid place in division 2 was secured however the club suffered due to a lack of athletes availability in many of the events. Hopefully they can build and go again next season.


12th June 2022


The second of the seasons Forth Valley League matches took DTFC to Grangemouth in a quest to consolidate the good performance of the first match a month previously.

It was a blustery day which seemed to affect the times in the 200m sprints with a dearth of PBs on show. Finlay Gibson and Jaden MacKay for the U11B netted PBs , Finlay 4th in his A string in 33.8secs and Jaden 4th in his B string in 34.0secs whilst Jaden also ran an excellent SB of 2.11mins in the 600m to finish 6th in his A string. In the U11G section there were PBs for Evanne Carson with 35.1secs to secure 5th spot in her A string and she was supported by Paige Wilson in the B string with a 35.0secs PB, coming home in 4th spot. A mention to Milly Mackenzie who ran an excellent 29.6secs PB in the U15G 200m to finish 6th in a competitive B string. Despite no PB Finlay Gaughan ran an impressive 31.6secs to finish 2nd in the U13B 200m.

The middle distance events were few but Ruby Candlish ran an excellent 5.14mins PB in the U15G 1500m to finish 3rd in the A string whilst Poppy Buchannan ran a SB of 2.13 to finish 5th in her A string.

In the hurdles there was a win and a 13.2secs PB for Charlie Hunter in the U13B whilst Amy Jenkinson also won her string with a 11.9secs PB.

The field saw an assortment of good performances to continue the points flow for the team. Amy Jenkinson won the U15G high jump clearing 1.35m , there was a shot put PB of 4.21m for Finlay Gibson and the same distance and PB for Evanne Carson in the U11s where she netted an excellent 4th spot. The U11 PBs continued to flow in the shot put with Innes Barnett (3.01m) and Poppy Buchannan (2.70m)  getting in on the act as well. In the long jump Murron Kane continued her fine form with a leap of 3.65m to claim a PB and finish 2nd in her U13 A string. Lily Pritchard was also in form with a 3.14m leap claiming 2nd spot in the B string and a SB.

An excellent show once again by the club with a number of athletes experiencing some events for the first time . They certainly can be pleased with their efforts.


4th June 2022,

Ayrshire Athletics Arena, Kilmarnock

The second Central and South Scotland match of the season saw the DTFC athletes head down the M77 again to Kilmarnock hoping to improve of their league position after the first match left them 8th in the league. It proved to be another competitive fixture.

The U11s were first up in the 150m sprints and Kelseigh Wilson was the best placed with a 4th spot in the girls B string. There was a PB of 24.8secs for her sister Paige whilst Finlay Gibson also nabbed a PB of 23.4secs for the boys A. Luke Hamilton was best placed for the boys U13 team with a PB of 30.04secs and a 4th spot in the A string. The U15 girls 200m A was won impressively by Sophie Thomas in 26.11secs whilst in the hurdles Lottie Thomas finished with a 13.2secs PB in finishing 6th in the U13 girls A. Amy Jenkinson was once again in fine form in the U15 75m hurdles winning her A string in a PB of 12.18secs and the ever impressive Charlie Hunter stormed to a PB and 1st spot in the 70m hurdles U13 A string whilst Brook Ferguson also netted a PB in the U17 boys 80m Hurdles finishing 3rd in the A string in 15.78secs. For the U17 girls there were no PBs but the DTFC duo of Darcie Black and Kirstin Penman took first spots in their respective strings and in the U17 200m races Shayna Asamoah won her A string in a blistering 25.95secs.

In the middle distance events in the U11 girls 600m Evanne Carson ran an SB of 2.19mins , the U13 girls saw an impressive Poppy Warner finish 6th in the 1200m A string in a 4.25mins PB and Ruby Candlish ran an SB of 5.36mins to finish 6th in the A string.

The field events didn’t yield too many PBs but solid performances from the athletes. There were a few picks most notably Alistair Rimmer 3rd in the U13 boys Javelin B string with a PB throw of 9.78m, Milly Mackenzie with a 4.33m shot put PB, and Amy Jenkinson with a 14.52m PB in the javelin. Not be outdone Amy’s sister Sophie was also throwing a 7.06m PB in the U13 girls event whilst in the same event Poppy Warner also threw a javelin PB of 8.21m. In the boys section Charlie Hunter continued his fine javelin form with a 19.68m PB to get 3rd spot in the U13 string. Final mention to Brook Ferguson who again proved invaluable this time with the javelin throwing a 19.89m PB to finish 5th in the U17 boys A string.

A tough ,competitive and probably overall slightly disappointing day for many of the athletes who seemed to struggle against the windy conditions and competitive races. Hopefully match 3 will prove better .


22nd May 2022,

Ayrshire Athletics Arena , Kilmarnock

The second YDL match of the season saw another trip to Kilmarnock for the U13 & U15 athletes of the club however the long journey was well worth it as we saw a number of excellent performances.

The sprints saw the club off to a storming start with U13B Bradley Moffat 2nd in his B string 70m race in 11.48secs and for the girls A string Lottie Thomas 2nd in a SB  of 11.65secs. Sophie Jenkinson put in an excellent run to finish 4th in the B string. The 145m races were also very fruitful for the club with the U13B Bradley Moffat 3rd in the A string once again in a PB and Luke Hamilton 1st in the B string again also setting a new PB. The U13G saw Murron Kane 2nd in the A and Ana Stobie 7th in the B.

The U15 sprints saw Sophie Thomas win her 100m in 12.91secs with Caleb Munro 7th in an SB of 14.57secs. Caleb also ran an SB of 29.35secs to finish 4th in his 200m while the U15G took both strings , Sophie Thomas in 26.67secs and Sarah Kane in 30.22secs. There was also a 300m for the U15G and in this Amy Jenkinson finished 4th in the A string with Milly MacKenzie 3rd in the B with a 49.72secs PB. The hurdles was proving to yield points for the club with the U13G A of Lottie Thomas 1st in a 13.4 PB and Sophie Jenkinson 3rd in the B with another PB of 16.3secs. The U15G hurdlers saw Amy Jenkinson 2nd in the A and Milly Mackenzie produce an excellent run in her first hurdles league competition to finish 2nd in the B string in a PB of 17.19secs.

The 4x100m relays brought up the climax of the track for the afternoon and DTFC were well placed in all races. The U15G won their race in 54.13secs , the U13G were 2nd in 60.06secs while the U13B were 4th with 61.57secs.

The field events started with the high jump and Amy Jenkinson winning for the U15G A in a 1.42m PB. Rachel Barnett took 3rd spot in the B string with 1.25m while in the U13G A there was a 5th spot and PB for Sophie Jenkinson and 3rd spot for Murron Kane in the B. Luke Hamilton was the only U13B jumper and he was 3rd in a PB of 1.10m.

The long jump events saw success for the U15G team with Sophie Thomas winning the A and Rachel Barnett the B string, the U13B saw a 6th spot for Bradley Moffat in the A and 5th for Alistair Rimmer with a PB while the U13G were represented by Lottie Thomas who was an A string 5th with Poppy Warner a B string 7th and a PB of 2.8m.

The other victor in the field was Alistair Rimmer who won his U13B shot putt event with a PB throw of 6.5m.

A solid show by the club again and this sets us up for a last match later in the summer with promotion still a real possibility.


8th May 2022,

Ayrshire Athletics Arena, Kilmarnock

The first Central & South Scotland League match of the season and indeed the first for 2 years saw the DTFC athletes head down the M77 to Kilmarnock. It was their first match in the CSSAL top division after their promotion in 2019

The sprints saw the club perform solidly with Finlay Gibson and Innes Barnett securing PBs with 5th place finishes in the U11 boys section of the 80m , the Wilson sisters Kelseigh and Paige also ran solid 80m sprints. The 100m races produced more PBs with Amy Jenkinson 1st for the U15G in 13.3secs, and Darcie Black 3rd in the U17G A string with a 13.2secs SB. Lottie Thomas continued her fine run of form with a 5th spot in the U13G A string and a PB of 14.7secs. The 300m in the U17G section saw Kirstin Penman race home in 1st spot in the B string in a PB of 45.4secs. Callum Newton was very impressive in his 400m for the U17B where he was an excellent 3rd.

The middle distance events continued to return points for the club. The U11G saw Paige Wilson run an excellent 600m where she set a PB of 2.19secs in a 4th spot in the B string, the U13G saw terrific runs but no PBs with Macy Wainwright  5th in the 800m A string and Poppy Warner 2nd in the B string. Ruby Candlish in the U15G 800m was 3rd with a 2.30mins PB and David Cuthbert and Mark Harley secured PBs in the U17B 800m race with David 1st in the B in 2.12mins and Mark 4th in the A with 2.11mins.

The field events saw a steady flow of good results. The long jump saw wins for DTFC in the U17G A string for Darcie Black and Kirstin Penman in the B string. David Cuthbert was unfamiliar to long jump however that didn’t stop him producing a 4.31m PB to finish 2nd in the U17B B string and Rachel Barnett secure a solid 5th spot in the U15G with a PB jump of 4.08m. The high jump was also a decent return with Amy Jenkinson 1st in the U1G section, Ellie Candlish 1st in the U17G A string and Kirstin Penman winning the B string. Kirstin had also won the U17G long jump B string. Callum Newton took the U17B high Jump A with a PB of 1.83m and also added a Long jump 1st spot with a jump of 5.61m. There was javelin added as a field event and the club saw some good shows from the athletes, the pick of which were Rachel Barnett with a 13.35m Pb and Darcie Black also with a PB and a distance of 20.63m.

It was a tough learning curve for the Club and their first match in the top division however a lack of athletes to fill the events resulted in the club finishing 8th out of the 8 clubs after this match> Hopefully better to follow in the next 2 matches.


7th May 2022,

Craigswood , Livingston

The  Forth Valley League made a return to the Athletics Calendar after a 2 year absence with the first meeting of the season at Livingston. DTFC started in the top Division here and were out to make a quick impression.

First up was the 100m sprints with Sean Asamoah leading the way for the U11s finishing 1st in his heat with a Seasons best (SB) of 14.7secs. Finlay Gaughan was 5th in his heat in a PB of 16.4secs. For the girls Poppy Buchanan was 3rd in a PB of 15.9secs and Emma Thompson finished her race strongly in the 2nd heat netting 17.8secs. The pick of the U13s in the 100m was a 3rd spot and PB of 14.7secs for Luke Hamilton in his heat with Finlay Gaughan 4th in his heat in 15.3secs. Sophie Jenkinson ran a PB of 15.5secs but her and Ana Stobie struggled in a very competitive field. Rachel Barnett ran an encouraging PB of 14.7secs in a distance she was not used to whilst Milly MacKenzie was 4th in her heat in the same time.

The 800m races saw DTFC athletes running solid races and making valuable points for their team. There were PBs for Innes Barnett, Milly MacKenzie - like Rachel in the 100m running a distance that she was not used to – Alistair Rimmer and Briony Argo with the pick of the 800m performances a 2nd spot in her U11 heat for Poppy Buchanan with a PB of 3.02 mins. Emma Thompson can also be pleased with her 3.13mins for the 2nd heat of the U11 800m.

The only DTFC representative in the 70m hurdles was Lottie Thomas in the U13 group. She finished an excellent 2nd in her heat with a 13.7secs PB.

In the field event there continued to be strong showings from a number of our athletes. There were a total of 4 PBs and 1 SB in the DTFC performances the most notable of these were Rachel Barnett’s 12.76m javelin throw and Briony Argo clearing 1.10m in the high jump. A mention for Sean Asamoah in the U11 long jump with an impressive leap of 3.59m to finish 3rd in his heat.

After the first fixture of the FVL season the club finished the day in 5th place out of the 8 teams in Division 1. A solid start with plenty to be optimistic about as the season progresses.


1st May 2022

Ayrshire Athletics Arena , Kilmarnock

The first Youth Development fixture of the season took place on the first weekend in May with the DTFC athletes heading to Kilmarnock hopeful of getting the club off to a good start. The Club had finished mid table in a curtailed league last season and were hoping for better things this season. This league was for the Club’s U13 and U15 athletes and it was the first year U13s who were impressing the most.

Lottie Thomas was 1st in her hurdles and 150m A string events the hurdles in 13.75 secs and the 150m in 20.82secs, both with PBs whilst Murron Kane was 2nd in the 75m A string in 11.1secs and 1st in the 150m B string with 21.02secs once again netting PBs in both. Other notable performances in the U13s came from Macy Wainwright with a 4th spot in the 1200m and 1st in the Javelin with PBs, Luke Hamilton had an excellent debut with 11.2secs and 2nd in the 75m B and 4th in the 800m A and Long jump B with a jump of 3.54m securing 2 PBs out of 3. There were excellent performances from Alistair Rimmer in his 3 events considering he only joined the club a few months ago with 3 PBs in the 150m, Shot Put and Javelin , his 1st spot in the shot putt particularly impressive with a throw of 5.89m. There were vital points gained for the team with good finishes by Sophie Jenkinson in the long jump with a leap of 3.45m, Finlay Gaughan also in his long jump and Lucy Gibb with a very impressive PB in the javelin of 7.65m and an SB of 5.01mins in the 1200m. Other mentions to Gregor Fraser with a 1200m PB and a first spot in the shot Putt B and a PB of 4.79m, Molly Robinson for 3rd place and PB in the 75m hurdles B with 17.5secs and Poppy Warner with a shot Putt PB and a solid run in the 800m in 2.50mins just outside her best.

The U15 athletes were headed by the experience Sophie Thomas who took a first spot in the A strings of the 200m in 26.51secs , 300m in 42.97secs and long jump with the track events yielding PBs. She was supported by Amy Jenkinson who continued her rich vein of form with a first spot in the 300m B with 46.32secs, 75m hurdles A in a time of 12.36secs and high jump and once again the track events seeing PBs for Amy. Milly MacKenzie was firing in her events with PBs in the 100m and 200m B strings securing 2nd and 4th spots respectively. The ever dependable Rachel Barnett secured a PB and 1st spot in the 75mH hurdles B in 15.88secs and high jump. Sarah Kane was solid with 2 SBs in the 100m with 13.8secs and Long jump but an excellent PB in the Javelin A of 14.81m secured 4th spot.

The day concluded with the 4x100m relays where the U13 girls were 2nd in 60.31secs whilst the U15 girls won in an excellent 54.0secs.


6th March 2022
Emirates Arena, Glasgow

On the same day as the Scottish Athletics Indoor League (SAIL) League final there were the SAIL relay championships. There was a strong representation from DTFC with a number of their teams hoping to make the podium. The U17 girls relay team was the same as the SAIL team of Shayna Asamoah, Ellie Candlish, Darcie Black and Kirstin Penman and they comfortably qualified for the final with a time of 1.51mins where they would be 3rd seeds. They were in a very competitive final and despite competing in 9 events between them in the league final leading up to the relay final they produced a stunning performance to secure a silver medal with a time of 1.50secs which was less than a second behind the winners VP Glasgow. It was a super team effort from the girls who were never out of the first 3 in the race and a stunning last leg from Shayna brought home a silver medal to add to the gold in the league final. The U13 boys were also winning medals also netting a silver. A terrific run again by the same four boys that won bronze in the league final saw them storm in to the final with a qualifying time of 2.03mins to be seeded 2nd in the final. The form book was adhered to in the final with a silver medal for the team just 2 seconds behind the winners Law and District.

The U15 girls also made their relay final after a qualifying performance of 1.55mins in their heat. Their seeding of 4 in the final saw them struggle in a very competitive field and as a result they finished a disappointing 5th in the final with a time of 1.54mins.

Overall the club can be delighted with the relay results and its many congratulations to all the athletes who competed.


6th March 2022
Emirates Arena Glasgow

It was a historic day for DTFC at the Scottish Athletics Indoor League (SAIL) final at the Emirates on the 6th March with 4 of the Clubs age group teams making the final. The U13 and U17 boys as well as the U15 and U17 girls were all seeking a medal to show for their efforts over the Indoor season. The DTFC teams took their place with 5 other clubs in the grand SAIL final with points awarded per place in each event, 1 point for 1st 2 points for 2nd and so on .The teams with the lowest scores at the end of the 8 events would take the prizes.

There was a gold medal for the U17 girls team of Shayna Asamoah, Ellie Candlish, Darcie Black and Kirstin Penman who after 8 events finished 1st with 26 points ahead of Glasgow Victoria Park with 33pts and Giffnock North who scored 35pts. There were 1st placed finishes for Shayna in the 60m and 300m, Darcie was 1st in the 200m with a SB of 27.4secs and also took 1st spot in the long jump where she not only produced a PB but also a new Indoor female DTFC record of 5.34m. Ellie finished 2nd in the high jump where she leapt 1.50m and Kirstin secured an SB for the 800m with a time of 2.57mins whilst finishing 5th however her triple jump event was cancelled.

The U17 boys of Callum Newton, David Cuthbert, Oliver Morrison and Brooke Ferguson were also on the medal trail this time netting a bronze for their efforts. They finished on 34pts behind winners Falkirk with 25 points and Giffnock North who scored 27 points. Callum Newton led the way for the team with a 1st spot in the 200m in a PB of 24.93secs. He was also 3rd in the hurdles whilst Oliver Morrison’s 4th spot in the 400m in a PB time of 56.46secs strengthened the boys position in the final. David Cuthbert with a 2.13mins PB in the 800m Brook Ferguson’s shot put throw of 8.08m which was a SB for him continued a solid performance but the highlight of the day was in the U17 high jump where DTFC’s Matthew Tait set a new SAIL record with a leap of 2.02m. This was obviously also a new DTFC club record and PB for Matthew and he was given a thoroughly deserved rousing reception in the arena after he completed his event .

The U13 boys team of Charlie Hunter, Finlay Gaughan, Lucas Alexander and Gregor Fraser were also cautiously optimistic for a medal after a successful qualifying campaign however the final was proving to be very competitive. Charlie Hunter was first up with 3 of the events where he won his hurdles race in a PB of 10.56secs. He then added another PB this time in the high jump with 1.40m which was also a DTFC U13B club record. There were also PBs for Finlay Gaughan in the 200m with 30.12secs and two SBs for Lucas Alexander  with 9.37secs in the 60m and 3.72m in the long jump. Gregor Fraser ran an excellent 2.55mins in the 800m to complete a solid afternoon for the team. Unfortunately on the day the DTFC team were scored  4th however after scrutiny a couple of days later a scoring error was found and they were awarded joint 3rd spot with VP Glasgow on 25pts with Shettleston 2 points ahead in 2nd spot and 7 behind winners Giffnock North.

The DTFC U15 girls team of Sophie Thomas, Amy Jenkinson, Sarah Kane and Rachel Barnett they found the final competition fierce and as a result finished in 5th spot in the match outside the medals. There were however some excellent performances with Rachel Barnett producing a 3.98m PB in the long jump, Sophie Thomas winning her 200m in 26.66 secs, Amy Jenkinson with a 9.86secs PB in the hurdles and Sarah Kane a 7.32m SB in the shot putt.

So there we have the completion of the indoor season with DTFC securing 3 medals in the Scottish Athletics Indoor league final. Onwards to the outdoor season and hopes that the excellent form our athletes have shown over the winter can act as a springboard for the summer.


Male and female league

There were four DTFC teams that made the finals. This was the first time we have had as many final teams as this.

Well done to the U13 boys, U15 girls and the U17 boys and girls. Hard luck to the U13 and U20 girls who just missed out with 4th spot.


16 January 2022
Emirates Arena Glasgow

The third and final Scottish Athletics Indoor League (SAIL) match took place in mid-January with a number of DTFC teams looking to secure a place in March’s final.

In the U11 girls Poppy Buchannan got her team off to a flier in the 60m sprint with a first place in 9.9secs while Lily Grace Hyde was 6th for the B team. The A team saw Evanne Carson running in the 600m and she finished 8th in 2.20mins and in the B team for standing jump Evanne secured a 4th place in 1.45m. In the A  team Poppy Buchannan leapt 1.30m to secure 6th spot and with both A and B teams points being combined the DTFC U11 team finished in 6th place for this match. The boys were also quick of the mark in their 60m sprints with Sean Asamoah clocking an impressive 9.1secs to finish in top spot and Finlay Gibson 3rd for the B team in 10.54secs. Jayden MacKay was the team’s only representative in the 600m where he finished 8th and Sean Asamoah recorded a standing jump of 1.75m to win impressively. The team finished 5th overall in this match despite some excellent performances from the team.

The U13 girls began their quest with Ana Stobie finishing 7th in the 60m with a PB of 9.58secs. Lottie Thomas continued the good start for the team with a 4th place in the 60m hurdles in a time of 9.71secs while Sophie Jenkinson finished in 5th spot with a PB of 31.6secs in the 200m.It was a solid performance from the girls with Macy Wainwright next up finishing 7th in her 800m in 2.47mins to complete the track disciplines. In the field the consistent but unspectacular performances continued with Murron Kane 10th in the long jump, Molly Robinson 2nd in the high jump with 1.20m and Caitlin Chalmers throwing her shot putt 3.85m to finish 9th. The team finished 5th in the match but only 10 points from 3rd place.

The U13 boys were already in a very strong position before this match however Charlie Hunter was not letting up winning his hurdles in 11.23secs and Luke Hamilton quickly followed on the points trail with a 4th place in the 60m. Lucas Alexander ran a stunning PB of 30.73secs to win the 200m and to complete the track events Gregor Fraser ran the 800m in 2.53mins  to finish 4th. The field events followed a similar pattern with Charlie hunter winning the long jump, Lochlan Walker netting a PB of 1.15m to finish 3rd  in the high jump whilst his throw of 4.29m was enough to secure 6th spot in the shot putt. The team finished 1st for this match as they had done in the previous 2 matches and can look forward to the final with great confidence.

The sprints continued to be a happy hunting ground for DTFC with the U15 girls representative in the 60m Sophie Thomas finishing 1st in 8.11secs whilst Amy Jenkinson was just as impressive in the 60m hurdles winning in 10.31secs. The girls desperately needed a good performance to have an chance of making the final so  Sarah Kane ran 29.40secs PB to finish 5th in the 200m and to complete an excellent track programme for DTFC Sophie Thomas ran a superb PB in the 300m to win in 43.5 secs. Amy Jenkinson ran a brave 800m to get team points in a distance well outside her comfort zone and this coupled with her then heading straight over to the high jump where she leapt a 1.40m PB to finish 2nd showed real determination and a desire to give her team the best chance of qualification. Sarah Kane was 6th in the shot putt and combined with a 4.16m Long jump PB from Sophie Thomas it was a very fruitful day for the team who won the match and had done enough to secure a place in the final.

With only 2 available athletes in the U15 boys section it was always going to be difficult however Zac Alexander and Caleb Munro did their best under difficult circumstances.

The U17 girls had won their previous 2 matches however with only 3 available athletes this match was always going to be a bit trickier. Shayna Asamoah got the team off to an excellent start with a 8.10secs PB in winning the 60m and she double up with the 300m again finishing 1st with a time of 42.19secs. Darcie Black took 1st place in the hurdles and in the field events wins for Ellie Candlish in the high jump with 1.50m and Darcie with 5.14m in the long jump and a 2nd place finish in the shoot putt with a throw of 10.07m secured 3rd place in this match and saw the team ease int the final in March.

The U17 boys put up a determined display to finish 3rd in their match. Brook Ferguson finished 5th in the 60m, Callum Newton was 2nd in the 60m hurdles in a time of 8.76secs and normal middle distance runner Mark Harley ran an excellent PB of 27.92secs to gain vital team points in the 200m. Adom Akouko was 2nd in the 400m in 54.76secs and to conclude a very successful track for the team David Cuthbert ran a 2.17mins PB to finish 5th in the 800m. The field events for the boys started well with Matthew Tait winning the high jump in 1.80m , Callum Newton was 3rd in the long jump and Adom Akouko was 2nd in the shot putt after a throw of 9.13m.

The U20 girls were once again short on numbers but Rebecca Grieve won the 60m in 7.81secs, the 200m in 25.39secs and the 400m in 62.53secs. Maia Helm and Hayley Penman both finished 4th in the high jump and shot out respectively with Hayley’s 6.61m a PB. The solid results and Rebecca’s brilliant show resulted in a 3rd spot for the team and they just missed out on a place in the final.

When the results of all 3 matches were accumulated DTFC saw their U13 boys , U15 girls , U17 girls and U17 boys make the final in March. If you also take into account that the U13 girls and U20 women  finished 4th it has been an outstanding SAIL season for DTFC up to now. The final in March gives our athletes the opportunity to go for medals in the track and field final as well as the relays final.

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