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Latest Club News

January 2020


Coaching Courses 2020

There is an opportunity for anybody interested in becoming a coach to attend a UKA Coaching Assistant Course (Level one) on either 1st/2nd or 7th/8th February in Alloa.  This course is in additiion to others planned on the enclosed document.

Can you please contact President David Steel on presidentdtfc@gmail.com if you are interested.

Club Awards Night

A great night was had on the 22nd November at the Hilton in North Queensferry where the club honoured the achievements of it's athletes over the past year.

There were over 70 new Club and age category records set which is really remarkable considering the size of the club.

The results and winners in the various categories were:-

Overall Club Champion:-

1st  Darcie Black (1789pts)

2nd Kirstin Penman (1573pts)

3rd Callum Newton (1540pts)

Outdoor Club Championship:-

1st  Darcie Black (1384pts)

2nd Rory Voss (1040pts)

3rd Kirstin Penman (1008pts)

Indoor Club Championship:-

1st  Callum Newton (530pts)

2nd Kirstin Penman (505pts)

3rd  Rory Voss (455pts)

National Championship Performance Award:-

1st  Rory Voss (230pts)

2nd Callum Newton (205pts)

3rd Shayna Asamoah (160pts)

Middle Distance Championship:-

1st  Daisy Cumming (630pts)

2nd David Cuthbert (619pts)

3rd Maia Helm (182pts)

Cross Country Championship:

1st Ellie Candlish (130 points)

2nd Ruby Candlish & Daisey Cumming (120pts)

3rd David Cuthbert (110pts)

U11 Boys Sprints Championship:-

1st  Charlie Potter

2nd Caleb Monroe

3rd Bradley Moffat

U11 Girls Sprints Championship:-

1st Rachel Barnett

2nd Millie MacKenzie

3rd Katie Curran

U11 Boys Middle Distance Championship:-

1st  Bradley Moffat

2nd Oscar Simmons

3rd Zack Alexander

U11 Girls Middle Distance Championship:-

1st  Eva Gasowska

2nd Rachel Barnett

3rd Katie Curran

U11 Boys Field Championship:-

1st  Charlie Potter

2nd MacKenzie King

3rd Bradley Moffat

U11 Girls Field Championship:-

1st  Rachel Barnett

2nd Katie Curran

3rd Eva Gasowska

U12 Superteams Champions :

Boys : Charlie Potter

Girls : Sarah Kane

U13 Girls Age Group Championship:-

1st Kirstin Penman (1513pts)

2nd Shayna Asamoah (1118pts)

U13 Boys Age Group Championship:-

1st Callum Newton (1540pts)

2nd Oliver Morrison (1128pts)

U15 Girls Age Group Championship:-

1st Darcie Black (1789pts)

2nd Maia Helm (825pts)

U15 Boys Age Group Championship:-

1st Rory Voss (1495pts)

2nd James Cuthbert (594pts)

U17 Girls Age Group Championship:-

1st  Morgan Robertson (850pts)

2nd Daisy Cumming (630pts)

U17 Boys Age Group Championship:-

1st  Kieron MacDonald (542pts)

2nd Elliot Wilkins (521pts)

U20 Age Group Championship:-

1st  Ellen Ranklin (658pts)

2nd Minnnie Brocklesby (327pts)

Senior Champion:-

1st  Victoria Stephen (95pts)

2nd Hazel Porter (70pts)

Masters Champion:-

1st  Stacey Hodge (105pts)

2nd David Agnew (75pts)

Athlete Comittment Award Winner:-

James Cuthbert

Award for National Representation:-

Ellen Ranklin (SSAA Pentathlon International Nov 2018)